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Today’s official statistics showing unemployment in Nelson at just 3% and the lowest in New Zealand reinforces the strength of the local economy, says Nelson MP Nick Smith. 

“This low unemployment rate of just 3% reinforces the strength of the Nelson economy. We are topping the charts for visitor bed night’s growth and having the lowest unemployment rate in New Zealand just reinforces our regional success story.”

The only region to warrant a specific mention in the Statistics New Zealand announcement today was ours and said ‘The only region with a statistically significant annual change in unemployment was the Nelson/Tasman/Marlborough/West Coast region, which dropped 2.9 percentage points to 3.0 percent. This represents 2,800 fewer unemployment people in the region.’

“Nelson’s low rate of unemployment at 3% is not only the lowest in New Zealand, but because New Zealand’s rate at 4.8% is low, makes us one of the best internationally. Australia’s unemployment is 5.5%, the average in the OECD is 5.9%, and compares to France at 9.6%, Spain at 17.7% and Greece at 21.7%. The only country better than Nelson is Iceland at 2.6%, and most people would prefer Nelson’s climate over Iceland’s any day.”

“There is always some seasonal volatility in Nelson’s unemployment rate because of our large horticulture sector. The great news in today’s 3% figure for the June quarter 2017 is that it is almost half the 5.9% last June, and the lowest June quarter in 8 years.”

“This record low unemployment figure on the eve of the election reinforces National’s message that we need to maintain the economic direction that is delivering growth. A job is the single most important ingredient for families being able to get ahead.”

Attached Map: Unemployment rates by regional council area


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