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Nelson Matters - Gangs in Nelson

March 02, 2021 Share

I love that Nelson is such a safe place. We have for years had one of New Zealand’s lowest crime rates. My worry is the recent growth of gangs and the escalation in violence and drug crime.

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Nelson Matters - First Home Buyers

February 24, 2021 Share

Urgent changes are needed to give first home buyers in Nelson and Tasman a fairer go in our overheated property market.

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Nelson Matters - Maori Ward Law Change

February 17, 2021 Share

Labour began the year last week rushing a law change through Parliament under urgency that removes communities having a vote on whether their council has separate Maori seats. The NZ Herald described it as law making at its worst and reeking of arrogance.

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Nelson Matters - 2021 Priorities

February 12, 2021 Share

This week Parliament resumes and I give my annual speech to Rotary. It is a good opportunity to outline the big issues for 2021 and my priorities for the year.

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Unfinished Business - Nelson West Rotary Speech 10 Feb 2021

February 10, 2021 Share

It’s a privilege to again be able to give this my 26th address to Nelson West Rotary in these extraordinary times, albeit in a different role as a National list MP.

It was a disappointment to lose the Nelson Electorate in Election 2020. The Covid crisis, and the Governments competent management of it created a king or shall I say a Queen Tide that was impossible to defeat nor did National help itself.

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February 10, 2021 Share

The Government must revamp support for first home buyers in Nelson and Tasman, with support plummeting over the past year, National MP Nick Smith told Nelson Rotary in his annual speech last night.

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Nelson Matters - Housing Issues

February 03, 2021 Share

Nelson’s housing problems got much worse last year. House prices locally soared by 20% or $100,000 to a new median of $720,000. Rents increased at record rates and much faster than wages.

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