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The closure of Nikau House contradicts the need for more and not less mental health services in the community and will remain open under a National Government says Nelson M.P. Nick Smith.


“The closure of Nikau House is ill-considered and shows a failure of the Government to deliver on its mental health inquiry and promises.”


“It is particularly wrong to close this valuable community service on which so many vulnerable Nelson people depend when there is the additional stress of mental health needs from Covid-19.”


“National will not allow Nikau House to close if we are elected to Government in September. I have consulted with our Mental Health and Health Spokespersons, Matt Doocey and Michael Woodhouse. They are totally committed to ensuring this Nelson facility remains open.”


“I have also written yesterday to the Minster of Health, David Clarke seeking he use his powers through the letter of expectations and to amend the DHB’s annual plan to require the Nikau House service to continue.”


“Nikau house is not broken and does not need fixing. We need more, not less community mental health services. This closure makes no sense and must be stopped,” Dr Smith concluded.

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