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Nelson MP Nick Smith has written to the Commissioner of Police Mr Mike Bush, seeking a reopening of the inquiry into the death of former Nelson woman Libby McKay in June 2013.

“The police inquiry needs to be reopened to review the new information obtained by the family showing that the tragic death of this young woman could not have occurred from falling from a car as determined then. It is clear from the lack of any markings on her jacket or trousers and the modelling done by accident experts that the explanation provided for her death by her then partner could not be true. The inquiry needs a fresh set of eyes and reinvestigation so that the truth of what occurred can be established.”

Dr Smith said he has been working with Libby’s mother Pauline Webby who lives in the Nelson region and her lawyer over the past few months on the case.

“I am full of admiration of the effort that Pauline has gone to on behalf of her daughter to try and establish how this tragic death occurred. I have reviewed the full file, witness statements, police reports and coroner’s reports and am not satisfied we have gotten to the bottom of what occurred. I am particularly influenced by the expert accident investigators who have concluded that the death could not have occurred in the way described by her former partner.”

“My hope is that both the police and coroner’s office will carefully consider the new evidence and reopen the case. We owe it to the memory of this young woman and to her wider family to do everything possible to find the truth of what led to her tragic death.”

Attached – letter to Commissioner Bush

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